Monday 19 October 2020

Horse Racing and Betting: Much-loved Melbourne Cup Winner Subzero Dies of Heart Failure

Legendary racehorse Subzero and the winner of the Melbourne Cup in 1992, died of heart failure. The horse was trained by Lee Freedman and was four years when it won the Melbourne Cup competition in Flemington. Ridden by Greg Hall, the horse mastered the wet weather conditions to finish the race ahead of Castletown and Veandercross.

Also known as Subbie, he was one of the best-thoroughbred stayers in Australia during the 1990s. He was euthanized after developing heart complications. The death of Subzero was confirmed by Bruce Clark, one of the most prominent racing figures in the world.

Subzero died two months after his great long-term career mate Graham Salisbury passed on after a long battle with cancer in June. The two mates paraded horseracing to different generations with frequent visits to nursing homes and schools. Additionally, they were one of the horseracing great ambassadors in Australia.

If you love horseracing and gambling, then this must be sad news for you since you have lost one of the figures that you would place wagers on. However, there is no need to worry since Sportsbet still has many horseracing options for you to select from when it comes to betting.

How Legendary Race Horse Subzero Died

Subzero died at the age of 32 at the Bendigo Equine Hospital. He died after battling ill health for a few days. After his death, Giles Thompson, the RV chief executive, said that it was another sad day for all individuals within the Victorian horseracing industry as well as sports fans. Subzero’s contribution to the sport both on and off the racing track was incredible, and will forever be grateful to a horse that touched the hearts of everyday Australians and fans, he added.

Many young individuals have grownup having had the opportunity to meet and pat only one horse, which was Subzero. From the elderly to schoolchildren and Hollywood A-listers to those battling ill health, Graham and Subzero did plenty to provide them with joy while at the same time promoting the thoroughbred racing sport.

Race Horse Subzero Achievements before the Death

On the track, Subzero performed excellently. He won six races from a total of 48 starts. Aside from his Melbourne Cup victory in 1992, his other major wins included the Adelaide Cup in 1992 and South Australia Derby in the same year. Aside from the racing career, Subbie was also the Course horse clerk until 2008 when he retired from those duties.


Subzero’s name will always be remembered by many horseracing fans and Australians at large. Until now, there is no better example of love and friendship between a horse and man than Subzero and Graham Salisbury. 

The two together brought love and friendship to many individuals ranging from racing fans and sports bettors of all ages to the general public across the world. Sadly, the horseracing industry has lost one of the key figures a few months after another sad news of Graham.

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