Wednesday 16 November 2016

Show Us Your Tips!

Whether you just occasionally offer tips to a few mates, run your own betting blog, or are a member of one of the miriad of tipping services out there, it can be hard to get heard over the noise of other tipsters. Sure there are a few long term tips services out there but there's plenty of unsung heroes too, or those just starting out after years of punting on their lonesome.

It can of course be daunting to make the transition from soley considering your own betting bank, to offering betting tips to others. The criticism can come in thick and fast if people start following your selections during a dry spell. Some expect something more akin to Mystic Meg, when in reality the success, or othewise of picking winners, is something that is only fairly ascertained over time. Consistency over weeks and months rather than days is key!

With that in mind, we're going to be taking a fairly positive and productive approach to highlighting tipsters on this blog. Whether a service is new or old, we're happy to give it a look, and to hear from you in your own words. Maybe your tipping tends to focus on value bets, or short odds, or outsiders, accumulators, it's all of interest. We want to hear from you about your own tipping service and will link to your online presence too to that others can get in on the action (whether that's OLBG, Tipstrr or even a blog or private service of your own).

Once you're on our radar, we'll be sure to take a look at your service  or site from time to time and feature updates of your progress. Again, this is going to be a fairly proactive and positive place and so we'll tend to focus on what is going well and for whom, rather than who's 'having a mare'.

So if you'd like your tipster service highlighted on the Tipster Profiles blog, feel free to send a 300- 400 word write up, describing your approach to tipping, what sparked your interest in sports betting, some of the highlights of your betting career (big winners, running runs etc) as well as a link to where people can find out more about your selections! Not only will others have the chance to read up on your approach to racing tips, but as I say we'll be checking in from time to time and updating on your progress.  You can even drop us the odd tip if you're feeling brave or confident with an explanation of why you've chosen it, to give readers a taste of what to expect from you! Cheers!

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